When I first launched this blog, I intended to write often and present various perspectives on the state of healthcare in the US.  Since February I simply haven’t had time to write, nor the inclination to make the time. 

Now, however, with the debate over healthcare reform heating up, I’m rethinking my time commitments and feel it’s important to step up and add to the discussion.

Why exactly do I think I have something to add? 

To put it simply, few seem to be willing to go beyond the talking points to dig deeper into the issues – as the wife of a doctor, I have an up-close and personal perspective that, while some will see as conflict-of-interest, might lend a different perspective than that which we’re presented with in the mainstream media. 

While some will consider my relationship to my husband a conflict-of-interest as an excuse to dismiss my thoughts, let’s not forget I also have a self-interest in the outcome of any healthcare reform for me, alone, the individual….an interest in the outcome for our son, who will likely be most affected long-term by any “reform”, as well as friends and family.  It may be easy to dismiss my thoughts because I’m married to a doctor, but don’t forget, I’m also an individual, a mom, sister, daughter and friend – so my concern isn’t simply my husband’s practice of medicine!

All of that said, I do have big concerns about how the debate is being framed, what issues are in focus while others are ignored, and how things are going to play out no matter what since there are so many players in the mix with vested interests to bargain and negotiate with.  It’s these things I plan to write about most.

I hope you’ll return to engage and comment, leave your own ideas and perspectives – if healthcare reform is open to debate, all opinions are welcome!  I won’t tolerate attacks on others – stick to the issues and express your thoughts without ad hominem, OK?